Answering questions

One thing I’ve come to realise over time is that so very often the more important, or significant, or born of desperation a question is, the less easy it becomes to answer. Given all that life is capable of throwing at us, even for those of us who live in relative affluence, this can become more and more frustrating unless we bury the questions so deeply that we learn to forget they ever existed. Not an easy task. Mysteries have a way of being uncovered and confronting us again and again. And we are still fuelled by a desire to know, to uncover more truth, to understand ourselves, our communities, the world around us in all its complexity and diversity. Human beings are naturally curious creatures, a trait which brings us the comfort of recognising our own collaborative ability to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding; but it is also a trait which is constantly being expressed because of the pressure of the sheer amount that we simply do not know.

There are occasionally times when I find I am able to accept my inability to come up with answers to the difficult questions, about the way people sometimes treat each other, about why we go through intense stress or loss, about this apparent inclination within many people to express some form of spirituality, and all the other uncategorisable questions there are. For brief periods there is the experience of peace, of an understanding that I don’t need to know, but that maybe one day I will. I think the human urge to expand our knowledge and understanding is vital for our survival, but I also think that the ability to be at peace with what we don’t yet know has the potential to be a healing gift to any who seek it.

There are big questions, there are small questions, and there are those in between; what follows in this blog could range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but I hope to use it not as a place to shove questions deep under the earth, but to treat each with the care and respect they deserve. I suppose whether any actually get answered is a question for another time…


One response to “Answering questions

  1. Treasure the questions. 😉

    Maybe some answers are like onions and we discover them a layer at a time through life and as we gain more experience. Perhaps sometimes there is more than one answer to the question. Then it could be that some answers are like glimpses through a murky window and we can only see a part of it. Somewhere down the road we might meet other people who have glimpsed a different part.

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