Monthly Archives: October 2011

Taking a break

To those who read this blog, it may have become apparent that the posts have been appearing more and more irregularly and infrequently in the last couple of months. I find the routines of life usually change for me in the autumn; with a new school or nursery start, or new activities at church, there is usually something that affects the rhythm of my days. Within the last week I have confessed to myself that writing this blog has become too difficult for the present, I think for two reasons; firstly, my youngest child is growing out of the afternoon nap phase, which used to give me time to do non-child related things. Secondly I’m working on a project for my church which is likely to take up the majority of my creative capacity at least until the end of January. So I have decided to lay this blog to rest at least for a few months, though I may perhaps come back to it later on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of looking for the questions that particularly make an impression on me, and working out my own responses in this medium. I hope I have stayed true to my original principle of treating the questions as something to be respected for themselves, not diving straight into the answers as though they are my human right. If I have achieved anything with this blog I hope that it is to have been an encouragement to others to engage with the difficult questions, and to take courage in the absence of answers – especially when sometimes the answer is what we feel we need to survive. I feel that somehow holding on to those questions makes us stronger, more confident and more able to help others who ask the same questions.

With blessings for the road ahead,

Sarah x